Tips & Cheats

Here, you can post Tips & Cheats. Please, only enter valid cheats or tips.

Hack Cheat

We do NOT accept ANY Hack Cheats. They can get you:

  • A virus
  • Banned from Playdom (Your hacking Playdom, Practically)
  • Any kind of bug
  • Coputer slows down
  • MANY bad Glitches

If anybody post a Hack Cheat here, and you proceed with it, We are NOT responsible for any damage to your computer of Playcom account.

Valid & Unvalid Cheats

Unvalid cheats are not wanted here. DO NOT post any.

Also,  if somebody offers a cheat but you have to enter your password onto a website, DO NOT DO IT. That is a Password stealing trick. We are NOT responsible for anything that happens to your account.

Cheat Page

To add a Cheat Page of your own, please click "Contribute" which is next to the Navigator and click "Add Page".