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Welcome to Disney City Girl Wikia. This is a Referance Guild for Playdom's Hip Sim Game, DCG! (Disney City Girl) We do Exclusive Forum Chat's here, Host Contest, Give Prizes, Tell Story, Give Valid Cheats, and Tips and So much more. Work with us through this Wiki to make is Known that Everybody is Welcomed here! 

  • You are allowed to create pages, about whatever topic, As long as it is Appropriate.
  • We are not responsible for any edit's to your page. To help out, Take a Screen shot of the page after your done, Or ask the Founder of this Wiki, To "Protect" your page so only Admin's may edit your page.
  • To access the account on Playdom, Please make a Request to the Admin, Disney City Girl.

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This Wiki may seem a bit Advanced to get through, But trust this Wiki Team. All you have to do is use the Menu for the Topic you desire. That is called the "Navigation System". Any Further questions, Please Submit a "Support Ticket" or Have a look  at our "Help Desk"

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The difference between a Signed Up Member and An Anonymous member is a very standard play. Signed up Members, Have much more advantages. Anonymous members will likely be sharing Contributions with another Anonymous member which will cause confusion. Please sign up for this Wiki. 

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Terms Of Service

This wiki does Proceed with a Terms of Service Page. We want to make sure every member is safe. If you can not apply these rules, you Can be Banned from this Wikia. Check out the "Banned" Page to know what will get you banned and how long you'll be banned and what access you will not be granted with.


This is to all members, in general. Here on this Wiki, We do NOT support Disrespect or "Argueing" intentionlly, to the extent of Capatalizing all words to make the seeming of "Shouting". Profanity is never allowed under any supervision, This includes words as "F-Bombs * Femal Dog*". The proceeding marks are made to Harass/Offend another member, and are never allowed. If used, you could be blocked from this wikia, to a period time of a month. Argueing, Is okay, If it on the subject and is more like a "Debate". However, Argueing to the extent, in which, you continue to "Shout", Name-Call, Call Out Somebody, Or, Continue to make others feel depressed and upset, All members involved will be dealt with, Very seriously.

You may continue to read on the Terms Of Service

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